Crossreach Update - Oct 2018

Excellent run, 48 bags delivered again, by a very small team of truly dedicated helpers. Thankyou, without your assistance each and every month, Crossreach surely would be struggling. Although we have dropped 2 or 3 from the runs, another 2 new families are being evaluated and added.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Runs

We are continuing to plan these runs using larger containers to distribute the supplies. We have the basic necessities, and are looking for small luxury items to top off the bags. We do have positive support from one or two corporations that have helped in the past.


Alex Williams….now has a brand new TV very kindly donated by a friend of Crossreach.

Nekemea: Once again, Crossreach has been working with Nekemea to look for ways to help her with the special needs of her two severely retarded sons, Mario (13) and Nekino (21).

Mario, motionless 24-hours a day.

Discussions are ongoing with Ministry of Social Services and with Urban renewal seeking their assistance. Currently, She has no power and is seriously in arrears with her rent. Crossreach has committed to deliver a bag of special foods together with cooking gas & diapers on a weekly basis.

Edith & Jarret

Edith & Jarret

Edith Clarke: is moving to her family home in Abaco later this month. We wish her every success in the future.

Final 2018 Run Dates

Mark your calendars:

  • Saturday 24th November (just after Thanksgiving)

  • Saturday 22nd December (3 days before Christmas)



“…..I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”(Matthew 25:40)